Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years is coming!

You know what I realized? Blogging is therapeutic, even if no one reads it. And I've had a stressful week (and it's only Tuesday!) and I need some therapy, bitches!

I've had two people quit this week so that blows goats...

Plus...drama with the momma, and not the baby momma, my momma (see previous blog)

See calls me today and informs me she needs to ask me something... (in my experience this is never a good thing)

She wants to know what "we" are gonna do about sis for New Years. She thinks I "need to invite" sis to my house

Uhhhh, NOOOOO!

I tell her I have plans with friends, plus I remind her that sis isn't welcome at my house. Mom blows a gasket. I basically hear what Charlie Brown hears when the teacher talks.

I tell her to have sis at her house. That's not gonna work because Mom wants to be with man. Perfectly reasonable.

I suggest sis should be left at her house, to lay in the bed she made for herself, for once.

More squawking from Mom.

I tell her I refuse to have a repeat of Christmas. I end the conversation.

I feel shitty that I can't just make myself do what my Mom wants me to do. But I am like Mary J. Blige and want no more drama in my life.


Ok, I know this is a cheese factor of 12, but New Years I'm going to make it official with Cesar (be official bfs). I'm gonna have a few friends over (not too, too many) and I want it to be intimate and even a little romantical. It's probably a formality at this point but I want to try to make it kind of special and memorable, even ho all I'm doing is making it official...whatever.

Emotional outbursts are not romantical. Drunken hot messes are not romantical.

I want romantical. We shall have romantical.

Romantical, Can you tell I like the word? :)

Happy New Years blog elves and lurkers!

Wish me luck! (Yes, I can't help being nervous somehow, shut up)


Lady with a View said...

May you be bff's.

Stay strong. Romantical is good. Romantical is hard to achieve - but so worth it when you get it!

Danny C said...

Bonne chance!

Kalei said...

How'd it go?...It's new years day and you haven't blogged yet, which means you are probably still having a good time!......Hope you have a wonderful 2009 with "no more drama in your life"