Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Chi$tmas!

For whatever reason, this year, more than any other year, I've spent a hell of a lot more money on Christmas presents.... And this is probably because of a combination of reasons:

1. For all my hesitation and trepedation this year (and most years), I love Christmas, and I love buying people presents and watching them open them and seeing them happy.
2. The munchkin and the mini-munchkin have made me go overboard for sure. I can't help it tho, they are my boys and I love them. And Chaz is so excited for Santa and Christmas this year!
3. I have a lot of friends here and I don't want to forget any of them. Ultimately, I don't feel right not getting gifts for my friends, even the ones I'm not uber close to. For each of those type of friemds this year I got a giftcard and am going to make a platter full of edible goodies. You don't even wanna know how much I spent on giftcards, haha.
4. There is, of course, my family, and I feel like, even tho they drive me insane, a lot of them have had a tough year so I'm splurging on them. My fam meaning my Mom, my one brother, my sister, my other brother and his wife.
5. And, last but not least, there's Cesar, who I have a feeling is getting me something major, so I have to match that. Not that I don't ultimately love shopping in situations like these.

Ah well, it's just money, right?

Later tonight Cesar is coming over and we are going to make buckeyes (a peanutbutter mixture, rolled in rice krispies and coated in choclate). I know you all want some :) They're pretty awesome actually, and are my one holiday indulgence, And the poor, deprived Cesar has never had them before! So I must introduce him to buckeyes, haha!

Ah, also, FYI, after Christmas I'm going to write a new kind of blog, one like I'vve never written before. But no hints! The blog elves will have to wait :)


Penz said...

sounds very exciting...can't wait to read it.. :)

Lady with a View said...

I'm not elf...and I'm not good at waiting hints??

comeon....just a little one?

Will it be cooler than a bread box?

The Rambler said...

mmm, recipe for the yummy peanut butter chocolate stuff? Me want :)

Can't wait for the new blog!! So mysterious :)

Gabriel // Sparx said...

Hey Bri!!
Long time no see, or in this case talk.

I was clickin around on my friends profile's on Flixster and remembered the link to your blog. Don't think I've been on here since this summer, and that's when you decided to start takin this blog seriously...

I've been thro every entry and man, have you had an interestin fall or what!!
I really got kinda shocked when I read about the couple who wanted to have a threesome with you. I really couldn't believe that stuff like that happens in real life!!
*SIGH* Only in america... ;P

Oh, And congrats for the little munchkin!! A bit late, I know, but better late than never, right??
Jensen, I like the name!! And I'm glad he and Chas are gettin along. I know that's one of the biggest worries parents have, how the older siblings will react to the new one.

Anyway... Just wanted to drop by and tell you that I'll be followin your blog from now on, and maybe even leave a comment every now and then.

Merry Christmas BKW!!
(Sorry, but you know me. Couldn't resist!! ;P )

distractinglybombastic said...

I'll relent and give a hint. It's going to be a weekly thing like Rambler's Think About It Thursdays, but it's going to take place on Fridays.

Fridays is the hint.


Lady with a View said...

DB~ I left this on my blog as well..but I'm so funny I wanted to share it twice. Here are my guesses (I have TWO pretty good contenders!)

A. Friendly Fridays (that would be lame..but feel free!) or..

2. Let your Freak-Flag-Fly-Fridays (Now...if people would participate that could be interesting!)

There's always more..Funny Fridays, Firefighter Fridays (ohh..we could post pics of hot firefighters!!!) Ok - the mind boggles at all of the possibilites...

Kalei said...

OOOOOOH! Fridays a good day for me!!! You will have to include a Button or something so I can put it in my sidebar!!!! Than you can write about something totally "detail-oriented" and all those soccer moms who click the button will gasp!!!! You should check out Lori at Perfect Moments....she has it down to a tee on different day option posts...

okay my verification word is crazy: blernkip....I think it is similar to a ternicate(sp?)...only one that does not work so well