Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cesar update

aBecause I have a minute and because I seem to be getting into updating my blog lately, I thought I'd write up an update for the blog elves (well Lady with a View and the blog elves, because Lady informed me she's not an elf [but she's stil a blog elf]).

Like I said, Cesar came over last night to make the buckeyes (yum and yum!) and (get ready to vomit or say awwww!, depending on your mood), he brought presents!

First of all, he brought little stockings for munchkins, even the mini-munchkin, which I thought was really cute because it was filled with little hats and a onesy, and Chas' had little toys, and I dunno, it was just really cute....and I promise I'm not trying to get all queer about this, but I totall had a (silent) awwwwww! moment.

Plus, he brought card and some wine from his Mom (who I've yet to meet) and tells me to open it then.

Anyways, not to belabor, but she wrote in the card how she's heard about me and how I was making her son happy. And then I lost my cool and was all (publicly) awwww!. And she wrote that she expected to meet me soon andf maybe around Christmas.

And I have to say, there's a chance that if I wasn't so into him (and I didn;t know he was into me) I might be creeped out by it, but it just came across as sweet. And, I guess somewhat selfishly, it's nice to know that she "likes" me and she doesn't even know me. I mean, it means she cares about her son.

That means something to me. Like, if we do get together longterm, there'll be support there, you know?

Ugghh, I'm feeling way too queer right now.... heheh

But, so we made the buckeyes, and it was just nice.



He spent the night. And aside from the bedroom (which was NICE -- but I'll spare the details since most of the elves are hetrosexual mommies and I don't know if that's a detail kind of crowd), it was nice to sleep-sleep with someone I have a connection with. AND, he wasn't weird about sleeping on my chest.

I've had such a stitastic year in spots that I'm not accustomed to being this happy -- but I'm not complaining ;)

And he'll be here in an hour so I have to get the munchkins to bed if I can and go shower.



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Kalei said...

Congrats on the great guy! Ummmmm his mom sounds like the coolest mom! It seems like they are very good friends too! Thats how my mom and I are. It is nice to see that in bloggy land. Mele Kalikimaka to the kiddies! Sounds like they had a good one. And thanks for keeping your post G-rated.....I mean rated-R...I mean PG-13 For us soccer mom types! =) I don't think most moms care though.....well maybe a few, but they should just read elsewhere. =)