Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tagged! - Nicknames blog

Yay, I was tagged! O Mah Gaw!, I'm like, officially a part of the blogger community now!
(that was me being a valley boy for a second)

OK, all my nicknames:

Well, my name is Brian is any of you weren't sure.
Most people call me Bri, although technically it is a nickname

One person in my life once upon a time got away with calling me Bri Bri. No one else has, only her because she was so sweet about it and I liked to hear her say it. But no one else! I hate it.

I've always been a dancer and I used to step (the type of dancing that is popular on historically Black college campuses, not the step-dancing bullshit) I did it on my own with mostly Black guys as it turned out, but not related really to any college. Anyway, I got called names like Whitebread, snowflake, Vanilla Ice, Eminem. I actually like Whitebread. Whatever, I just kind of like it.

I had a friend in elementary school that was dyslexic and whenever he'd write my name he'd write it as Brain. So people started calling me Brain. That sucked.

Pugz, because of my nose. Although it's not like a pug nose, and no one has called me that in forever.

Several names like B and B-rian, and my 8th grade science teacher called me Big B, which I hated.

I used to work at a summer camp for AIDS and HIV-effected kids and a lot of them called me Mr. Brian. I always thought it was cute.

OK, I can't believe I am admitting this one, but no one is reading this, so whatever, right? Right? heheh

Well, in high school I had one of those LL Bean bags with my initials on them. BKW. Well one day this totally douchebag of a guy yells out in the hallway: "Burger King Whopper, those are your initials, Burger King Whopper." I turned around and gave him the I'm-slitting-your-throat-with-my-eyes-right-now looks. He called me that a couple after that whenever he saw me, but I hardly ever saw him.

OK, for funzies, I'll do my kids too.

I have two sons, the older 32 months on the 21st and the younger 4 months on the 19th. They both have two middle names. Older: Charles Lincoln Dominic and the younger Jensen Noah Riley.

Well, from the beginning we called my older son Chas or Chaz. No one calls him Charles. And most of my nicknames for him have to do him being young. Munchkin, Niblet, things like that. We also call him the Chazinator when he's being fussy or grumpy. I also call him Mini Pimpin' sometimes. I should probably stop that altogether because one day he's gonna ask me what it means, haha. But, seriously, he's such a little pimp. Ya, I should stop that. My ex used to call him Monkey.

Jensen we just call Jensen. We figure if when he grows up he hates his name then he has Noah or Riley to use if he wants to. I don;t have many nicknames for him yet. I call him Pooper, haha.

I'm probably forgetting some, but any of you that are still reading and probably bored ;)


David Ray said...

Haha! Not bored at all, Bri. Oh, boy, this blog of yours is so radically of a different tone than the previous one that I can't cope with the mixed signals I'm receiving. No. Not "mixed signals" - "multiple personalities." But yeah, you deserve a break out of all the things that have been putting you down.

I have like 15 jokes in mind based on this blog of yours but they're staying there! Some of them are just too naughty to mention and I want Santa to bring me a gift, so I'm not even going there. But let's jump back to reality by congratulating you for being tagged. I'm not sure what exactly that is since I've got this alien-human relationship with the blogging world, but congrats nonetheless, Bri Bri! (yeah, I know you hate it but it's so sweet!)

I wish you could teach me how to dance. I pretty much have zero experience in it, but I do love to dance. When no one's around! And I find it almost unfair that you're here, pouring out your soul to every one of us and you know almost nothing about us in return (if we don't have a blog of our own that is).

So, B, let's see my nicknames (oh, by the way, you can stop reading at this point): Everyone calls me Dave. My dad called me Davey boy. Everyone in high school just called me "fag" or "homo" -the usual stuff, you know. There is only one person who calls me David (well, 2 including you) and that is my favorite version of my name. I've been called "David Ray" or "D.R." but -what the heck- nobody uses those anymore. That's pretty much it. Some other nicknames including synthetics of a naughty nature will be omitted - don't forget Santa.

Hitherto, you must be exhausted. You just transmitted the jolly germ and that makes me impossible to stop yapping.

Take care, sir Whitebread.

Penz said...

Very fun huh...:) My girls are Naughty and lil naughty, the boys are Double J and Migit...names a parent would love...:)

Kalei said...

It's nice knowing your name, Its a good name. Thought I should stop by to tell you, you are automatically entered in the raffle tomorrow, just for being a follower of my blog. I appreciate it and hope that you win something! I have 4 prizes to give away in the hope to see you there tomorrow!...and thank you!