Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still blissed out....

TalkeI've been wanting to write a blog for a while but haven't had time or motivation till now...

Basically, a lot of good things have happened lately and I want to inform the blog elves! :)

First of all, the horrible mutant cold/sinus/phlegm/snot monster I had living inside me for the last forever it seems... is now dead. I killed it. And am feeling better.

Second, the day before yesterday Chaz came home from his Mom's and I finally got a munchkin hug which I was sorely missing. The next day Jensen followed and I got to see his cuteness mini-munchkin giggle. I have my boys home. Life is good.

Third, almost all my Christmas shopping is done, for real this time.

Fourth... Night before last, I was doing better but still feeling mad tired. I knew Cesar was coming over so I took a shower and passed out on the bed. He got here about 8 and end up waking me up and I was all out of it, hair all effed up every which way, looking all cracky (ok probably not that bad, but I remember being all dazed --- had been sleeping worse than normal).

Anyways, we were being snugglebunny cuddlewhores, and Cesar started rubbing my back which turned into a massage (and there was hot chocolate) which turned into a happy ending (really happy) which was promptly reciprocated.

And I was all *blissed out* frim the massage and tension relief and we just laid there talking.



for him. And we've talked. Talked. And I think he's liking me too, well, I know he is.

And I had a dream last night.... Where *gasp* I told him I wanted him for Christmas....haha

Which is like, totally cheesetastic, and I'd never say that in real life.

But, apparently, my dreams are like, an episode of One Tree Hill or something...
(does that make me Lucas?)

But seriously...





Penz said...

I am so happy for you. :) I just got over a nasty cold too. OMG it sucked monkey balls. I am so glad that its gone...when I spoke I souded like my 13 year old son..oh and i was told that I sounded like "Kim" on the real housewives of Atlanta (not sure if you know how that is, but that was not a compliment..)Of course the MIL said that to me, so...

Anyway, I hope when your done falling he can catch you and you both live happily ever after. :)

distractinglybombastic said...

Hahaha, I do know who Kim is, and I gotta say MIL deserves a kick in the teeth for that one, heheh ;)

We shall see what happens :)

Lady with a View said...

The song that starts out, "Love is in the air" started playing in my head...I like musical themes.

I just got over that crap as well and firmly believe that Mucinex is the elixir of the Gods. I managed to share my good times with the people at work - so I am very loved right now.

Just let yourself fall, you snugglebunnycuddlewhore! That's the stuff life is made of.....

David Ray said...

I'm glad everything in your life is looking up (not that kind of up!). From the little I know you, I can say you deserve so. I'm also very happy you're falling for Cesar. I hope he's great enough to deserve you and hopefully there will be a happily ever after somewhere there, unlike Mike. And it looks like you'll be spending Christmas with the 3 people you love the most -if no surprises arise.

Until you blog again, this elf is withdrawing...

PS1. snugglebunny cuddlewhores? Haha! I'm SO gonna use it! Where do you come up with this stuff??
PS2. I seem to be writing too short comments lately...what's happening to me????

kalei said...

You are gonna have to cook a nice dinner for your friend that set the two of you up.....he sounds, sweeeellll (include sigh and long aahhh when saying swell) or replace with dreamy... congrats on the happiness!

Tooj said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today - glad I could amuse you with my leakage issues. :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday season over the next couple of weeks!