Sunday, December 7, 2008

Overzealous and understimulated....

I've been cleaning all weekend...

I've been cleaning out the drawers in my old room...the room I last used in high school...the room that is perpetually stuck in the late 90s.

I did find a lot of things, some funny, some HIGHlarious, some nostalgic....and I thought I'd blog about it for the blog elves.

Among the things I found were:

-old tapes (vanilla ice, mc hammer, paula abdul, gloria estefan, the lion king soundtrack, why I hadthat I don't know)
-a big plastic bag filled with hemp and beads from my help bracelet and necklace-wearing phaze
-a funny sign I had forgotten my brother got me with a dancing rooster on it and GAY COCK written in bubble letters
-a huge amount of CDs from my techno/raver phaze
-various toys (Madlibs, Mad Balls, a Rubix Cube)
-the issue of Out Magazine about Matthew Shepherd
-a walkie talkie-shaped toy with buttons that when pressed spit out Mr. T saying (like Shaddep Fool! which I couldn;t stop pressing and laughing until Chaz took it from me and called me Silly Daddy)
-letters from people I can no longer rember who the fuck they are or why I have the letters in the first place (sorry random people!)
-a badass collection of Pound Puppies that Chaz promptly stole
-majorly skunked weed and a tiny bottle of vodka that I think was my friend Kim's, trashed that quickly
-a majorly embarassing collection of XY magazines from when I was just a gayby that I promptly pitched after thumbing thru and laughing
-an old book of poems I wrote a million years ago
-old notes to bfs in high school
-a majorly funny old note me and my hs bf cam wrote together solidifying our undying love for eachother, haha. we're not together now, but still good friends (I still love you, cam!)
-embarassing whatnots from my obsession with Dawson's Creek
-a million random phone numbers with names of guys I can't place
-a book about Louie Armstrong, who I used to obsessed with for some odd reason
-lots of small bottles of lube

needless to say I had great fun looking thru my old shit before tossing a lot of it, and remembering what a slut I was, haha

Merry 18 days till Christmas!

Now I'm going to go have some real fun, yay!


Penz said...

Thats what a call a party! :) It's amazing what you find from high school or just accumulated over the years... hope you kept the lube...sure does come in handy ;)

Lady with a View said...

Um...i think lube expires doesn't it? j/k...

I love going through old pics -- and pulling out those old memories that only improve with time.

Sometimes though - you need to get the old out of your life so the new can take root.

Kalei said...

very funny many lube containers was it?!

distractinglybombastic said...

I probably found about 15 haha
I have no idea why I had so much, heheh

Kalei said...

that is hilarious!