Monday, February 23, 2009

Shot in the face!

The news is on in the other room. Someone was shot in the face. I hate when that happens....

As usual there are about a million things I want to write about. For one thing, I've been tagged twice, so I need to write those blogs....

Mike, I'm formulating the Ipod blog now...

But what I really want to talk about in this blog is Walmart and The Bachelor.

I don't usually go to Walmart, you know, what with Walmart being the devil and all. It's darksided!

But ya, today I had to go to pick up some supplies and I pull in the parking spot just in time to see the hilarity unfolding in the next row of parking spots (which I was facing)

Crazy lady #1 in a blue minivan had apparently stole a parking spot from crazy lady #2 in a red hatchback. Crazy #1 gets out of the car and Crazy 2's window is down and I notice crazy 2 has a crazy approx. 10 year old boy in the car with her.

2 accuses 1 of calling her a bitch. 1 laughs at 2 but says nothing. 2 says "did you tell me to go fuck myself? you go fuck yourself!" (I can see from my car that 1 said nothing) 2 drops the c bomb in a tirade that is too colorful for my blog. I am shocked and amused in my car. 2 drives off.

I get out and I laugh with 1 about how crazy 2 was.

Awfully foul-mouthed to have a kid in the car. But then, I was in a Walmart parking lot ;)


And The Bachelor....

My ultimate shame by proxy is that my boyfriend *loves* this show The Bachelor.

The show is painfully hard to watch. What is the fascination? Why is this drivel still on the air? And I assume all the women have to be either mentally ill crackheads or straight up famewhores, either one.

I know we all have out guilty pleasures but I just can;t get behind this show. Maybe one of the blogheads can enlighten me.... :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

House hunting

I did a bad thing...

I did something that I told myself I wouldn;t do until later, until it came closer to time to sell the house...

I looked online at houses that are on the market in my area.

And, this was the first time I had done this. Well, the first time since realizing I could sell the house for a fair price.

And I realized I'll have the money to buy the type of home I really want, like, I mean the tick-down-the-list, ideal-home kind of house I want.

And I found a house, online of course.

And I left a message for the realtor. And she called me back.

And I shouldn't have even looked. Because at least online I love the house. And there haven't been many bites since it's been on the market.

I'm not even gonna say anything else because I may hate it in person or it may have some fatal flaw, and of course I just bearly started looking, and I shouldn;t even be looking now until I'm closer to selling the house, and I may decide to move a little farther out from where I am now anyway...

But who cares? I'm excited and exhilerated that I can actually afford something that, it seems, I'd love to live in. Or, at least I'll be able to after the sale of my house now.

Yay for me!!!!!!!!!!

I'm giddy :)


Bye blogheads!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work-related drama --- FEEDBACK REQUESTED!

Here's the deal....

I like to think of myself as a pretty good boss. I think I'm the kind of boss that people like to work for. I'm a hardass on a few things, but I also care a lot about my employees and I try to accomadate them when I can when they deserve it.

OK so, the basic dress for the bakery/restaurant is a polo shirt with the logo on it. And in the spring and summer I allow jeans (with no holes) and in the fall and winter dressier pants. The basic idea is that people look neat and put together.

OK so I have one guy that works for me, one of my gay employees that has had a hard time of it lately. I guess he never knew his dad and his mom died within the last year and he has several younger brothers and sisters he's taking care of. And most of them are a lot younger than him, almost like he is their father now.

He works a total of three jobs and I know money is tight.

Today I noticed that his pants had a hole at the knee and both pant legs were frayed at the bottoms. On his break I said something about it to him and he was really apologetic and promised not to wear the pants to work anymore and to buy new as soon as he had the money.

I eventually offered to take him to the mall after his shift and buy him some pants. I know he woks hard, and he's one of my favorite people, and I explained that it was a kind of reward for a valued employee. Plus, I reasoned to myself that in the grand scheme of things a few pairs of pants is not a lot of money to me, but it'd be good for him and he could really use them.

So later we went to the mall and he picked out some pants, very thankful, probably shy about accepting them, but happy I think. We ended up eating at the mall too because we were both hungry and I wanted to make sure he had a good meal. Ruby Tuesday's., no big deal.

Anyways after dinner I am driving him back to his car.

At one point I am looking off to the left, getting ready to change lanes, not paying attention to him, and all the asudden he's kissing the side of my neck and sliding his hand over to my junk.

I instictively shifted away and removed his hand and turned my head and gave him a "WTF" look.

I said something like, "Dude, I'm your boss, AND I have a boyfriend." (And, in case you're wondering, he already knew about Cesar)

But I instantly felt bad... If you could have seen the look on his face. Like, mortification, sadness, fear, and the oh-shit-I-fucked-up look.

He goes, "You're gonna fire me, oh shit, I don't want to lose the job, I like working for you", etc and started to tear up.

(FYI: crying makes me uncomfortable)

I said I wasn;t going to fire him.

He said, "I just wanted to thank you." and there was what I think was desperation in his voice.

It kind of broke my heart because I understood. I would have hugged him if I wasn't his boss and we were just friends.

I said, "There are other ways you could thank me, like....saying thank you." In my tone of voice I tried to make it like a joke so he'd laugh and break the tension.

But it fbackfired and he started crying harder. Told me how much stress he was under taking care of his sibs, and how he had to keep it together for them, how he couldn't just go to the mall and buy new clothes because his money had to go to so many other more imprtant things.

And I understood without any other words that he honestly felt that anything sexual between us would have been a thank you from him, and stress relief I imagine. Of course it wasn't gonna happen.

I let him talk some more and listened. Before too long I had made it to the parking lot where his car was.

He apologized again and before he got out I couldn;t help it and I hugged him and told him if there was anything I could do as his boss I'd try to help him out, and not to worry, his job was safe.

Then he got out and got his his car and drove off.


A. Did I do anything wrong, not bosslike?
B. I gotta say something to him Friday when he works next. I might just reiterate what I already said Ideas????????

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love Valentine's Day

*****Edit: I meant to meantion, (even tho I didn;t really comment) I read all of your blogs and am glad all of you seemed to have funtimes of Valentine's Day! :)

OK, first of all, over the past week there have been about a million times when something happened and I thought, I should blog about that. But then one (or twelve) of those one million things got in the way of me blogging....and no blog.

But of course I'm going to blog about Valentine's Day (which I love. if it's not obvious from the title of this blog). So get ready, any blog elves who are part of the bitter masses who persist in believing that Valentine's is just another one of the Hallmark holidays, perpetuated on a witless public, just to make bank.

No, Valentine's is awesomely awesome, and I'll tell you why....

Because of Valentine's Day I now have a new member of our family: an adorable little cat, who we named Oakley.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I had made up my mind to tell Cesar that I was going to have to work Saturday, and that I had something planned for Sunday. I got Janelle to help me by copming up with a sort of involved story about her breaking up with her bf, convientiently getting Cesar out of my hair so I could preapre the meal we'd have on Saturday, get his presents together, and fix the upstairs part of the restaurant all romantical-like.

He thought I was working...which was only a white lie, since I closed the restaurant early :)

I'm gonna try not to make this blog a novel...

Janelle dropped Cesar off at the restaurant at 7 as planned (we were meant to just go home and relax, etc, because we agreed we'd celebrate V Day on Sunday). But when he got there I was already upstairs (pretending to be getting ready to leave) and I asked him to come up.

Queue romantical dinner. I even gave one of my employees a little extra under the table to play waiter. Well, at the beginning, then I had him split.

Cesar was really touched and happy and started crying a little. (Which is so cute and funny because when Cesar gets emotional his accent gets thicker aand that always makes me smile)

We ate and talked and ate and talked and ate and talked...and recemented our relationship.

I again took some bloggy advice and gave Cesar a fake out gift. Went to the Dollar Store and found the saddest looking stuffed animal bird I could find. When he opened it up and saw it I pretended to be all excited and proud of myself and said, "It's so cute isn't it? It made me think of you!"

It was HIGHlarious, his reaction. He wa really trying to appear appreciative, but his face registered confusion and I just knew he was thinking what the eff is this????!

Then I asked him if he was ready for his real present and he started laughing so hard and punched my arm. Made me promise never to do that tio him again. Hmmmm....but it was fun :), we shall see.

But ya, I ended up deciding on a gift cert. for a couple's massage and a basket of edible goodies.

He was very happy and thankful and yay!, etc

***skipping romantical after hours workplace frolicking***

Anyway, afta, afta (think Mr. Miagi) we went home and I was just planning more and varied, involved frolicking at home, but as it turns out, I had a surprise waiting.

Mr. Cesar had surprised ME (something I'm not used to, but liked) with the bedroom and bath decked out all romatical-like (I love that expression). I got queerly motional for a hot minute and started tearing up. (Yes, I was very touched and excited).

There was a box on the bed I noticed right away that was....making noise, haha. Turned out to be an adorable little munchkin kitten which Cesar and I eventualyl named Oakley. Cesar was quick to point out that Oakley was *our* cat, which made me smile, haha.

He told me he's had the cat for a week, hidng it at his place, the sneaky monkey.

***more frolicking, etc, etc, etc.***

we ended up staying up most of the night talking and playing with the cat (and frolicking) because neither of us was tired, then we crashed in the morning and woke up in the after noon.

And that was our Valentine's, and that is why I love Valentine's Day ;)

(a pic of the sweet nugget kitten [who I am petting as I type] is coming :) )

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm back ladies and gents with an update!

Oh how I have missed the blogheads and how my fingers are itching to do some typing!

Yay, and I actually have some time!

This blog is all about decisions, and actually making them. You know, one of those fun adult things.

Within the past few weeks I have made some decisions, of course along with Baby Mama and Cesar where applicable:

1. If things are still going the way they are now, Cesar is going to move in with me in the Spring. March/April. He will have to sublet, but it's doable. I had thought that things would have to be handled more delicately with Chas, but he has warmed very quickly to Cesar. Chas seems so well-adjusted and I love that.

2. Baby Mama and I are gonna have another wee mini munchkin. This is something me and Jenn have been talking about since before Cesar was even a consideration, but he's very excited about the idea. I am continually amazed at how easy-going he seems. Of course, we're not even thinking about trying until a minimum of 12 to 18 months from now. After all, Jensen is only just shy of 6 months old. But we all think that three is definitely better than two.

3. I'm very close to deciding to sell my house and look for something new. I just found out that through a sort of loophole I can sell the house to the company that my Dad used to work for (thus getting a more than fair price) and then I can probably get way more house for my money in this market. I do absolutely love my house, but new would be better. Plus, starting fresh is good too --- lots of good emmories in this house but lots of bad ones too. Things to consider tho: can I find a place with the land I have now, and the privacy I have now? And it has to be in the same school district for the munchkins. Over all tho I think I'd be stupid not to take advantage of such a sweet deal.

4. I'm considering applying for an adjunct position at a local college in the fall. I'd like to try teaching, even one class to see if I'm any good, and I could do it if it was during the day. It's not like I need something else on my plate right now, but at the same time it's an exciting idea. We shall see.

5. I decided to take Kalei's suggestion (I think it was Kalei???) about Valentine's Day. I'm gonna make dinner for Cesar at the restaurant and fix up the upstairs real nice. I've already got a whole story planned so Cesar will be surprised and I've got a couple R-rated things planned that will stay unwritten here. Still need to figure out a gift to get him tho. Have some time for that. I know he's got something planned too. He's trying to b slick but I hear rumblings, haha. I'll keep you posted. Any ideas on the gift??????

I think that's it for the mo'.

Later people