Monday, February 23, 2009

Shot in the face!

The news is on in the other room. Someone was shot in the face. I hate when that happens....

As usual there are about a million things I want to write about. For one thing, I've been tagged twice, so I need to write those blogs....

Mike, I'm formulating the Ipod blog now...

But what I really want to talk about in this blog is Walmart and The Bachelor.

I don't usually go to Walmart, you know, what with Walmart being the devil and all. It's darksided!

But ya, today I had to go to pick up some supplies and I pull in the parking spot just in time to see the hilarity unfolding in the next row of parking spots (which I was facing)

Crazy lady #1 in a blue minivan had apparently stole a parking spot from crazy lady #2 in a red hatchback. Crazy #1 gets out of the car and Crazy 2's window is down and I notice crazy 2 has a crazy approx. 10 year old boy in the car with her.

2 accuses 1 of calling her a bitch. 1 laughs at 2 but says nothing. 2 says "did you tell me to go fuck myself? you go fuck yourself!" (I can see from my car that 1 said nothing) 2 drops the c bomb in a tirade that is too colorful for my blog. I am shocked and amused in my car. 2 drives off.

I get out and I laugh with 1 about how crazy 2 was.

Awfully foul-mouthed to have a kid in the car. But then, I was in a Walmart parking lot ;)


And The Bachelor....

My ultimate shame by proxy is that my boyfriend *loves* this show The Bachelor.

The show is painfully hard to watch. What is the fascination? Why is this drivel still on the air? And I assume all the women have to be either mentally ill crackheads or straight up famewhores, either one.

I know we all have out guilty pleasures but I just can;t get behind this show. Maybe one of the blogheads can enlighten me.... :)


The Rambler said...

Don't get it either....I mildly got slightly interested when I heard some Navy Dr from Hawaii was in it....but lost interest the second it started.

You know me...American Idol whore! :)

Muppet Soul said...

Mentally ill fame-whores!

Oh those kinds of girls are a dime-a-dozen over here... Flipping their hair and posing at no one in particular, "I'm already a star, I just need a camera crew, etc. etc."

And yet, if I let myself watch it for 5 minutes I'm sure I would watch all day, sobbing to myself. Much like a Lifetime movie.

(following you!)

Muppet Soul said...

Oh! And my vote for the drivers is also "mentally ill".

If I were president my second act would be to strip all drivers of their licenses and make them retest to my standards of whether-or-not-they-were-an-a-hole.

Lady with a View said...

Well....Brian...if you want real fun you should watch VH1's rendition of the bachelor. My daughter and I watch it -and it is high-larious. One was the "real chance ranch" or something like that - the brothers "real" and "chance" picked between some fo the trashiest women i have ever seen...and I'm from the midwest...

I don't get it either...and I hate wal-mart too but it is a necessary evil I think!