Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm back ladies and gents with an update!

Oh how I have missed the blogheads and how my fingers are itching to do some typing!

Yay, and I actually have some time!

This blog is all about decisions, and actually making them. You know, one of those fun adult things.

Within the past few weeks I have made some decisions, of course along with Baby Mama and Cesar where applicable:

1. If things are still going the way they are now, Cesar is going to move in with me in the Spring. March/April. He will have to sublet, but it's doable. I had thought that things would have to be handled more delicately with Chas, but he has warmed very quickly to Cesar. Chas seems so well-adjusted and I love that.

2. Baby Mama and I are gonna have another wee mini munchkin. This is something me and Jenn have been talking about since before Cesar was even a consideration, but he's very excited about the idea. I am continually amazed at how easy-going he seems. Of course, we're not even thinking about trying until a minimum of 12 to 18 months from now. After all, Jensen is only just shy of 6 months old. But we all think that three is definitely better than two.

3. I'm very close to deciding to sell my house and look for something new. I just found out that through a sort of loophole I can sell the house to the company that my Dad used to work for (thus getting a more than fair price) and then I can probably get way more house for my money in this market. I do absolutely love my house, but new would be better. Plus, starting fresh is good too --- lots of good emmories in this house but lots of bad ones too. Things to consider tho: can I find a place with the land I have now, and the privacy I have now? And it has to be in the same school district for the munchkins. Over all tho I think I'd be stupid not to take advantage of such a sweet deal.

4. I'm considering applying for an adjunct position at a local college in the fall. I'd like to try teaching, even one class to see if I'm any good, and I could do it if it was during the day. It's not like I need something else on my plate right now, but at the same time it's an exciting idea. We shall see.

5. I decided to take Kalei's suggestion (I think it was Kalei???) about Valentine's Day. I'm gonna make dinner for Cesar at the restaurant and fix up the upstairs real nice. I've already got a whole story planned so Cesar will be surprised and I've got a couple R-rated things planned that will stay unwritten here. Still need to figure out a gift to get him tho. Have some time for that. I know he's got something planned too. He's trying to b slick but I hear rumblings, haha. I'll keep you posted. Any ideas on the gift??????

I think that's it for the mo'.

Later people



The Rambler said...

I thought the gift was gonna be you with a big ribbon...(wink, wink)

Penz said...

How I have missed you. Let me count the ways... :)

Seems like there is much going on with you as there is with everyone else.

As for a gift, but him a novelty item and when he looks puzzled, tell him, if he is ready you can give him the real one. :)