Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mission: Find A Roommate --- SUCCESS!

Yes ladies and gents, it's true, I found a roommate and it wasn't even heinously painful or prolonged.

Her name is Sarah, mid 30s, kid-friendly (ex nanny), gay-friendly (can you say fag hag?), adorable (so cute!), and, most importantly, girlie makes bank and can pay the rent!

She won;t move in till the weekend, but I already know I'm gonna like her.

None of you can see me right now, but I'm skaing my butt, dancing in my chair typing :) I'm in a rare mood and have been listening to cheesetastic semi-boyband music all night. Right now it's JC Chasez's Blowing Me Up (With Her Love). Yes, I know, gay, but then I am, so...ya know, that's my excuse :)

Oh, and this weekend I had to cater a lunch and Cesar came along, which was really fun. Really, I just ha to drop off the edibles and do a couple things, but with both munchkins with their Mom we wnded up spening the whole day and night together,

Sunday we went to breakfast/brunch/lunch (what was it?) at Cesar's Mom's and I have to say I am really liking the whole big, supportive family thing. It's not taking me long to be used it, haha.

Bottom line, I am having fun right now... And it feels good, especially after weathering so many shitstorms.

Oh, and the reason for the pic....I need to figure out what to for Valentine's Day....grrr....and I'n not wanting to do anything cheesy or generic.....Ideas??????


The Rambler said...


Kalei said...

Ohhhhhhh Sweet! I think you should take Cesar to a certain Bakery after hours and........make sure it is set up reallly........

cheesy I know, but then again, I am a girl. Girls are cheesy when it comes to Valentines.....You'll need to ask a straight male what isn't cheesy to get something else.

Kalei said...

Its all good on the busy....I was a little M.I.A. for a while too. Its hard to have a regular life taking care of kids, work, personal, and then to add blogging to the mix...no wonder I didn't do very well on my first blog back on myspace, I gave up do to not really having the time.....Thanks for the comments on the first bday coming up....does Chas have a fave dance song? ....if your in the burgh you and the kids can stop by too! =)

Kalei said...

Hey, Rambler had an idea about asking you for a couple of baking tips. I am making some animals out of fondant (I have asked someone else to make the fondant-moms are good for that), but is there some website you know of or some ideas on creating the fondant animals for the tops of cupcakes....Just asking you for your know how....(maybe you can join in on Tuesdays Tipjar that sneakymama does....?! if you have time.

Anomaly said...

LOL, JC, i like a bit of that too, must be a gay thing, lol.