Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looking for a roommate -- need feedback

I'm looking for a rommmate, maybe a few roommates... It's stressful!

I've had roommates before and haven't had any really bad experiences... I loved my old roommate, who was *perfect*, but he left, ugh, and I want a roommate because rent money is good for paying these really annoying things called bills.

But, first of all I needed to decide how I was going to find potential roommates. I thought about posting on Craigs List, but I'm scared of it, haha Mostly because I've read some of the personals posted on there (thanks Danny!) and there are some mad freaks on there! I know the "looking for a roommate" thing is different but I'm still weary of it. So I decided to post at certain businesses and talk to certain people....because I figure, go where the money is, right? Go where people can afford the rent.

And I have to decide on the rent, which I still haven't done.

OK, I live in an affluent, safe neighborhood. Homes aren't small, and on a significant bit of land. And my house is (in the spring summer and fall at least) made more private by trees blocking my nrightbors view. The yard is always kept and is pleasant with lots of landscaping.

Parking in a garage. Covered porch in front. Deck in back. Private in-ground pool with hot tub in summer months (usually May to September). Plenty of room to sun bathe in summer, or hammock to use in spring/summer.

Inside access to full kitchen (read a real cook/baker's kitchen), a private gym good enough for a health conscious gay man (read GOOD GYM), a library for private reading, in-house washer and dryer, comfortable finished basement with large flat screen, pool table, etc. Access to all areas except other bedrooms and computer area.

Bedroom for rent includes private entrance from outside (meaning renter can come and go as her pleases without disturbing me/kids). Full bath, walk-in shower, sitting area, TV room, and bedroom. Room is already furnished but furniture can be moved out. Ample storage including a clost and two dressers and a wardrobe. Plus a faux warbrobe hiding a refrigorator and a microwave and some cubbard (sp?) space. Room is spacious.

Cable/internet included in rent. Utilities and heating cooling included in rent.

Only other possible expense on top of rent is if renter wants private landline in room. No access to landline in home. [I figure a lot of people who live in apartments don;t even have landlines and use their cell phnes for all calls anyways. I have a lot of friends who do that]

My ideal roommate (like my old roommate, did I mention I miss him!!!!) would be (to a certain extent at least) like a part of the family. Tolerant and acceting of both my homosexuality and my children. [Of course that last part's not just ideal, it's a must have, and its abcence will be a deal breaker]

So I need your feeback on rent --- how much rent is reasonable. Of course I already have an idea but I don;t want to share. Keep in mind my development in quiet like it's out in country but five minutes from Rt. 1 and is in the Philadelphia metro area.

So???? How much rent people?

I need your feedback! I actually wish more people read this blog haha, because no one probably will on the weekend and I might be seeing people as early as tomorrow night. So if you want to be mad cool and helpful you all could pimp this post in your blogs!

YAY, thanks guys!


David Ray said...

Oh, Gee, I wish I could help you, Bri. I have no idea how rents work in neighborhoods like yours so whatever price I gave you I would be way off. Just follow your instincts and change your mind depending on what other people tell you. OR don't mention the price anywhere until people start showing up and then do those "roommate castings" you see in the movies. When you bring up the price see the other person's reaction. If he/she seems pleased, so be it - if he/she frowns, lower it! I could afford all rent prices and I'm a fantastic roommate! Too bad I live in a different country at the moment...I would tolerate screaming kids around and I would do my own laundry and I wouldn't come with tricks at nights....see how great a roommate I would be?

Hehe, I didn't help much, did I? Yeah, I know - it's the whole waking stress getting to me lately. But I'm here whenever you need feedback, even if it's useless one!

The Rambler said...

Waving hands in air...take us, take us. I come with one small dog, a very cute 2 year old, and a tech savvy husband (sometimes).

sigh..we wish. Sounds like a great place. When I went to visit FLS I was blown away by how extremely reasonable prices were, compared to Hawaii.

Something like what you got would easy be a million dollar home. (in Hawaii) therefore declaring a thousand at least for rent of a one bedroom. Easy.

So, I'm not sure. My sis got a price for their home at something you will NEVER see in Hawaii. (sigh again)

Good Luck with the roomate hunting!

Penz said...

We have 2 houses that are rented out right now. One in Flordia and one in AZ, rent for the whole house is more, but it seems like you are offering alot and they have their own access and room, and good digs...I would say, to first look in the papers there and see what others are going for...then go from there. Here that would go for 300-600 easy. But, check your local market and see what others are offering for roomies...

Good luck!

Lissa420 said...

since i watch a lot of house hunters i would have to see the place to say how much it's worth, but by your description it sounds lovely so why did your old roommate leave? that's the real question isn't it? ;)

Anomaly said...

I'd move in with you, but i don't live in the U.S;)

Sparx said...

Hmmm... Since I don't even live in the same country (or the same continent either for that matter) I might not be the best person to give rent advice, but how much did your last roommate pay??
Maybe you should start there...
And if I were you, I'd spike it up so I'd have room for negotiation...
Anyway, hope it helped.

Lady with a View said...

Sounds like a really, really sweet deal - no upkeep - come and go as you please - limited space to clean...IDEAL!

In the KC area - you could probably get 400-600/month for something like this - not sure about your area though - and even in our area - we have seen a huge erosion on rent due to the economy.

I agree -stay away from craigslist...thems scary peeps there. You might try the colleges though - get a senior maybe?

Mark said...

I like what everyone has said so far. Everyone totally wants to live with you, me included!

Maybe what sparx said was best