Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mellow Saturdays can be the best...

Tonight Cesar and I went for a drive, did some shopping, and then had dinner. It was a simple dinner, breakfast really (scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, biscuits and strawberries, with Simply Orange oj, mmm) but it was good and it was nice just hanging out. He passed out on the sofa in the other room so I decided to sneak in here and write a blog :)

I've been thinking about it and I'm struck at the differences between my sister and I. Yesterday I spoke to her -- on the phone -- and she told me she's never been happy. Then she said, "Well, maybe when I was five."

To me, this is a ridiculous statement.

I'm her brother. We had the same upbringing, the same opportunities. I think I had a good childhood, and a damn good adult life. I mean there are things I wish my parents did differently, but most of it ancient history.

The truth is, we had a great life. We went on vacations, lived in Europe, went to good schools, had our educations paid for, they even bought her a car after she graduated college and got a job in her field. Growing up, they encouraged us to take up sports, took us to the zoo, museums, even plays and some musicals, baseball games. Sis was in gymnastics, and was really good too.

Ya, my Dad was/is a douchebag, but I don't have many complaints in the end.

My sister just holds on to the bad stuff in the present and in her past and lets it define her.

I can't help her because I don't understand her.

Don't get me wrong, I've had some bad shit happen to me growing up. Stuff I wish I hadn't had to go thru. I'm not going to discuss it in my blog because it was 15+ years ago, but ya... And I've had a few relationships that ended badly, meaning I got cheated on. But you get over it, and you go on, you keep kicking. You have a life, you have kids, you have a job.

You meet a really awesome guy.

You smile.

You concentrate on the good.

You don't drink yourself into a stupor and have a pity party, table for one.

You go wake your boyfriend up and have some fun :)

Happy weekend!


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Danny C said...

The nurses I work with agree that drinking hand sanitizer isn't healthy for your mind or body.

Brownies? You've been holding out for far too long. Now, I can understand not sending a cake, cause of the logistics of it, but you simply must send me brownies!!! Will trade knitware for food.