Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, apparently it's been so long since I blogged that one of the handful that read it complained (haha), so here's a new blog, Gabe, heheh.

We finally put up a smaller version of our tree a few day ago (like 8ft instead of 14) which I actually really like because it takes a lot less time to put together. It's pretty and it puts me in the Christmas spirit more than I had been. Soon we will wrap some gifts and put them under the tree. Chas' stocking is hung too, next to mine and Mike's (yes, we do it too, heheh)

I've gotten MOST of my Christmas shopping done as well, but by this point I've abandoned the malls altogether in favor of the Internet (I love shopping in my underwear, heheh)

My cake business has really taken off as well and is keeping me busy during Christmas. I like it tho because if I didn;t have a million things going on I;d be bored. Plus, I've already found that I have some repeat customers, and we've met some really cool people.

I'm not sure what the plan is for Christmas yet. Drunkella is going to England (YAY! -- will leave Tuesday) so we get custody of her fat cats for two weeks, who I love her. Not sure about the logistics yet of dividing time between my fam and Mike's, but I know we will all get together at some point. *crosses fingers his dad isn't involved*

Wednesday we're having a surprise birthday for my sister in law with both fams involved (again, minus my sis who will be in England by then, YAY!) Yesterday was our Christmas with them, which suits me fine.

OH, and today our new TV was delivered. 65' Mitzubishi flat panel for the basement, it's fucken schweet (Danny, a little closer to Wendy's estimation of a 100' TV, fucken red=headed menace).

Not sure if I'll update before Christmas again or not. If not, Merry Christmas. Or happy eight-nights-of-shitty-gifts-Day if you'tr Jewish, haha, jk. I love Jews, yay.


Saturday, December 8, 2007


OK, first of all, I fixed the link from the last blog. taht shit just makes me laugh, and there's something wrong with you if you don't laugh at that. i say again, WHO DANCES LIKE THAT????!, heheh

oh, and i'm not really digging the whole blog thing...but i might keep it to just have somewhere to poop out my thoughts.]

thursday night mike and i went out to dinner and the movie (enchanted - surprisingly fun), and it was really nice. we don;t go out just the two of us very often, what with chas, there's not a lot of chance to.

but there was a guy out buying tix at the theatre and he had three boys with him, probably the oldest was 10. each one looked like an older (or younger) version of the next and i noticed but didn;t comment and mike brushed my arm and said, "wouldn't it be nice if that was us someday?"...which just made me feel good.

i don;t know how many i'd want, but jenn started trying again recently. it would depend a lot on jenn, but i might want three. well, definitely i want a little BROTHER (or sister) for chas to play with so he's not an only child, but three seems better to me. i'm one of three....and both mike and jenn have big families.

chas will soon be 20 months, and if she conceived now and went full term, that would mean chas would be 2 years, 4 months-ish... that's a good spacing, right.

I just think it'd be cool to have a big family. and my shiftless sibs aren;t having any kids so i gotta pick up the slack ;-)


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

*puff, puff*, get your own!

no, not weed. But I'm smoking cigarettes again. I do times of stress, but it's uaully only a few and I throw out the pack... not this time. I forgot that I ENJOY smoking... I won;t keep doing it, I'll stop, but shit, I need one vice... I run and work out and dance every day... and I don;t drink any soda and barely eat any meat anymore... of course I drink, but i have my sister making me look like a saint in that respect, so i'm covered there.

but ya, smoking, newports, menthol.... mMmMmmMmMMmmMmMmM

i'm stressed about christmas, what to get mike? what to get a million other people, but really mike? cuz...i always get him something really good. i know it'll come to me...eventually. but i have impulse problems. i've been buying tons of shit online.

it might sound fucked up, but i think mike cheating on me was the best thing that could have happened to us... i'm not gonna get into why it happened (at least not in this blog), but it was good, because he fucking grew up in the year we were apart, and, more importantly, he let go of his hang ups about sex.

i'm not sure if it's his guilt, but i don;t really care why. i mean, i knew i was more experienced that mike, that was obvious, but when we got together i didn;t figure he'd be so unadventurous. but he's lossening up now, and allowing me to introduce him to new experiences.

don;t get me wrong, i'm ALWAYS respectful, i just think that sex doesn;t always have to be *sacred*, and not always between just two people. not that I'd ever cheat in a million years...i have too much self respect for that, and i'm not stupid either.

i'm sure i'll talk about that more later. Until then, let the pic stimulate your imagination.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I love shoes

Yesterday I went out with the friend from my last blog to celebrate her birthday and had so much fun...SHOPPING!

OK, first we wnt to Best Buy and I got the new jt dvd live from madison square garden which mike and i will totally whack to later. oh, and also an amy winehouse dvd, cuz you know that shit is gonna be funny.

then a NEW shoe store I didn;t even know existed! and found some cool new NB sneakers, and if you know me, you know I have a total sneaker fetish so I was crazy happy.

then to hollywood video where i bought some new vids (little children, the lives of others and two weeks).

then we went to the liquor store where we bought the essentials (mike's hard lime and mike's hard berry and some pina calada shit i never had any of).

then we went to cold stone creamery (which I'd never been to before), but if you don;t know it's this totally sinful ice cream place and chrissy bought a red velvet ice cream cake.

then we went back to her apartment and had cake and alcohol and watched hours of forensic files on court tv which was so lame but we fuigured out we both love it, and I had so much fun.

oh, and she has two pugs which she used to breed, but had them fixed. anyway, the female one was constantly humping the male one, which i couldn;t stop laughing at the entire night.

oh ya, and i forgot we went to nj where she grew up and she showed me around, i met her mom and step dad, who are hilarious, watching hgtv and bitching about the crappy design choices people make. and amazed i had never heard of ufc?? ultimate fighting something or other? does anyone know? anyway, they totally get off on it, her mom hilariously gave her shit because she wasnl;t wearing a coat (she's 29, haha)

anyway, great time, so fun.

then came home and found out that my sister had gotten drunk again and made a huge scene during Stomp, which her and my brother in law went to see. whatever, I mean I have no faith in her and am totally disgusted.

but so, a mostly good night.