Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, apparently it's been so long since I blogged that one of the handful that read it complained (haha), so here's a new blog, Gabe, heheh.

We finally put up a smaller version of our tree a few day ago (like 8ft instead of 14) which I actually really like because it takes a lot less time to put together. It's pretty and it puts me in the Christmas spirit more than I had been. Soon we will wrap some gifts and put them under the tree. Chas' stocking is hung too, next to mine and Mike's (yes, we do it too, heheh)

I've gotten MOST of my Christmas shopping done as well, but by this point I've abandoned the malls altogether in favor of the Internet (I love shopping in my underwear, heheh)

My cake business has really taken off as well and is keeping me busy during Christmas. I like it tho because if I didn;t have a million things going on I;d be bored. Plus, I've already found that I have some repeat customers, and we've met some really cool people.

I'm not sure what the plan is for Christmas yet. Drunkella is going to England (YAY! -- will leave Tuesday) so we get custody of her fat cats for two weeks, who I love her. Not sure about the logistics yet of dividing time between my fam and Mike's, but I know we will all get together at some point. *crosses fingers his dad isn't involved*

Wednesday we're having a surprise birthday for my sister in law with both fams involved (again, minus my sis who will be in England by then, YAY!) Yesterday was our Christmas with them, which suits me fine.

OH, and today our new TV was delivered. 65' Mitzubishi flat panel for the basement, it's fucken schweet (Danny, a little closer to Wendy's estimation of a 100' TV, fucken red=headed menace).

Not sure if I'll update before Christmas again or not. If not, Merry Christmas. Or happy eight-nights-of-shitty-gifts-Day if you'tr Jewish, haha, jk. I love Jews, yay.


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Danny C said...

We should admonish the red-headed devil until she's decomposing on the side of the road.