Thursday, May 8, 2008

A lizard in the sun...

That's what I've been lately, a lizard in the sun. I LOVE warm weather and I'd spend 24 hours a day outside if it were possible. Now that it's not Christmas, luscious or otherwise....

So what has happened?

The third week of April the little man Chas turned 2 and had a pimped out birthday. It's such a trip to witness every day how he is turning into a little person. I don't know if I will ever get over when he comes up to me and huge my leg. Totally adorable and makes me feel awesome no matter what kind of day I'm having.

Not that I can complain much at all lately. I actually had my birthday a little less than a week ago and it was a great time. Family, friends, everything, and no crazy drama, for once. Mike and I are the best we've ever been.


Jenn is preggers again and is due in August and it will be another boy, thank God, you all know I;d be lost with a girl ;) Taking suggestions for names, by the way.

Ya, it was when we were in Miami, and Jenn just came out with we should have another kid, and at first I thought she was kidding. But not kidding, haha. And now there is another bundle of awesomeness on the way. Who knew the homo would be a babymaker???. My sibs are still useless in that department.

But, AMAZINGLY, my sister isn;t such a huge mess anymore. She never went to rehab, but she's actually half ways trying to get her shit together, and I have my fingers crossed, bu7t get back to me in 6 months, right?

She got a few more DUIs and has some court dates coming up and I think all that has finally scared her into not being such a raging fuckwit. No, but seriously, I do hope she gets it together. She's gone off all of her meds, which she should have never been on in the first place and is going to therapy.

Business is still going well, maybe too well, and I'm thinking of opening up a real shop, but all that is still in the early stages. I don't know if it's worth doing, with the time commitment. we shall see.

Maybe I'll start writing in my blog again. I kind of forgot about it, and my days are pretty full right about now anyway, but I kind of like writing

And the next blog will be better, I promise, heheh


RCC/LBC said...

I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Look forward to reading more.

Perhaps we should start a group "Gay Guys Who Want To "Schtupp" Jessica Alba". :)

As a guy with only ONE job, a 'husband' and two dogs (not actual children, though sometimes I wonder?) I'm amazed that you find time to do anything "recreational".

You must be doing something right. Keep up the good work!

We have quite a few little specialty cake / cup-cake shops here in Southern California, that do quite well. The gourmet cup-cake shops especially seem to be "all the rage", perhaps a combination of both would be good? It is a big commitment...but if you've got the talent and can find a good location...

In any case, best of luck in all endeavors (especially with the new bambino!).

Danny C said...

Better? Perfect. Congrats!! I hope to hear from you soon.