Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gay for gain....

You probably all know what "gay for pay" means, right? It's when a straight guy does gay porn for the money. (In straight porn, the guys are basically props and don't get paid much).

Well, a few days ago I was watching a biography of James Dean on TV and a friend from his back in the 1950s (I don;t know who she was but I recognized her face from TV) said that he would basically fag out for connected guys in the entertainment industry if it means getting ahead. She said he was bi.

I had never thought about the possibility of this before, not for guys anyway. I mean, I'm certainly bi-capable, but am also totally gay, and would never hazard a mackerel mustache for personal gain.

At the same time tho, bisexuality intrigues me. And I can;t help wondering... James Dean was only 24 years old when he died. What if he really was gay, but died before he fully realized it? Or what if he really was bi, and not just for personal gain?

If he was still alive he'd be 77... He only made three films (which I still need to see, btw) and made such an impact. No telling what he could have/would have done if he had more time.

In a time when all self-respecting homos are supposed to droll over Madonna and Mariah...fuck that horseshit, give me James Dean any day. I like him even more now.

Straight for gain? Not for me, haha. Except baby-making ;)

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David Ray said...

Can't really say I disagree. Maybe James Dean was indeed gay (or at least bi) and just hadn't realized so yet. And if he had realized it before the time of his death, the hard-core conservative society he grew up and succeeded in would have buried him in oblivion had he come out. But wasn't James Dean that said, "Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today." I think he made his words true to the fullest, whether he was gay, bi or straight.