Saturday, February 21, 2009

House hunting

I did a bad thing...

I did something that I told myself I wouldn;t do until later, until it came closer to time to sell the house...

I looked online at houses that are on the market in my area.

And, this was the first time I had done this. Well, the first time since realizing I could sell the house for a fair price.

And I realized I'll have the money to buy the type of home I really want, like, I mean the tick-down-the-list, ideal-home kind of house I want.

And I found a house, online of course.

And I left a message for the realtor. And she called me back.

And I shouldn't have even looked. Because at least online I love the house. And there haven't been many bites since it's been on the market.

I'm not even gonna say anything else because I may hate it in person or it may have some fatal flaw, and of course I just bearly started looking, and I shouldn;t even be looking now until I'm closer to selling the house, and I may decide to move a little farther out from where I am now anyway...

But who cares? I'm excited and exhilerated that I can actually afford something that, it seems, I'd love to live in. Or, at least I'll be able to after the sale of my house now.

Yay for me!!!!!!!!!!

I'm giddy :)


Bye blogheads!


Kalei said...

I am really excited for you! I don't think it is premature for you to look for the new house, it can take a long time to find the right took us a year, to find our RENOVATION FROM HELL Gem of a house.=) BTW I am sure ur realtor told you about the 7500 kick back bonus check from the US Govt for buying a house by June?..and I heard a rumor that current pres. has a stimulus of 15,000(this I am not sure of, just a rumor maybe)for home buying at the end of this year.....

Ohh and thanks for the blog love on the 100th post:
I have to tell you thank you for comments to the 100 Post, which accidentally pre-posted early due to my error =) I re-posted today, and you are still tops on the entries for the Blanket. I am sorry for the mix up. I also changed the 100 Blog Club Button so it can be read in a sidebar. Thanks for your support you have shown me so far....I really do appreciate it!

Muppet Soul said...

(Hi I randomly came across you.. dig the blog!)

I've been thinking about trying to find a house lately but everything in between making the decision and physically unpacking in new house is totally confusing to me.

The verdict is that looking online is a good thing, right?