Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dating: The Brave New World

I've been nudged and asked enough times by the munchkins and drawves and gnomes that read my blog for a new update that I've relented. Apparently I do have a human following, but it's the leprechauns and faeries that are most vocal. Apparently...

Anyhow, here's what's been going on...

I've been seeing more of Drew (the guy I mentioned in the last blog) and have been enjoying spending time with him. We spent a whole day and night together, and were with my older son for part of the time, and I guess he passed that test. Didn;t run screaming at the sight of Chaz.

We also watched the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday together (we're both very political).

I'm liking him more, but still, for my sake, need to keep him at somewhat of a distance, which has gotten hard already, since he's been asking questions about Mike, my ex. Drew has also told me that he doesn;t think I know how much he really likes me.

I talked to Drew and told him that I still need things to go slow, and for my own piece of mind, I also need to start dating other people (because Drew is the first guy I've dated since Mike and I split -- which I know Drew wasn't in love with) but I also told him that, if it's important to him, I'll try to answer questions about Mike and mine's relationship -- although I told him I won;t want to talk about it at any real legnth (any negative emotion like sadness makes me feel incredibly unfortable and I'm not wanting to meltdown in front of Drew). But anyway, that is tonight. Oh joy, I can't wait, right?

Also, Wednesday I met Ivan, aka Russian Pizza Guy, when I as picking up the pizza that I ordered since I was too lazy and tired to cook for myself.

I had Chaz and Jensen with me, and RPG asked if they were my little brothers (lolzz), while patting Chaz on the head and saying how cute he was. On ething lead to another and he gave me his number. It always shocks me a little when guys approach in every day places, but I know I was all gayed out (clotheswise) and I know it was probably obvious. Gay-tight clothes and a flat top, but why not? I had a heachache and kinda felt crappy, and most of the time dressing up makes me feel better.

Anyweird, we went out last night, and it was very FUN. The time at the restaurent was abbreviated, after we discovered we weren't hungry....for food.

I have to say, I wasn;t expecting much from Ivan, didn;t think we'd have much in common, but I respect any guy who has the balls to approach me, and he was cute (looks like a Russian Chad Michael Murray) so I thought it'd be fun.

I still don;t know how much we have in common outside of bed, but there was an instant attraction and a hell of a lot of chemistry in bed.
******OK, in case any ankle biters from Flixster are reading this, stop now. Go play a video game or watch Hannah Montana*********



OK, that was my attempt.

Ivan's fucken hot. Muscley, but not too much, and tattos everywhere, which I didn;t notice when I got the pizza. And he liked mine (I have four, including a very big one of a cross, among other things on my back). He actually told me we had to go get tats together.

We were in bed for several hours, and I didn;t pass out til about 3:30 - 4 am. It's kinda sad, but I think Ivan and I had a lot more chemistry (sexually anyway) then me and my ex did (because we're into some of the same things which I'm not gonna enumerate here)

I woke up at 11:45 this morning, and that never happens, I never sleep in, and Ivan was still sleeping next to me. I had to run, but will call him soon.

So tonight is the talk with Drew. Drew. Drew, who I actually like, both sexually and a ton of other ways.

Gotta say, I'm loving being single right now.



Danny C said...

You bastard...

distractinglybombastic said...



Danny C said...

How teh fuck do I subscribe to your blog? Not that I need to, it's a matter of networking and tagging you as mine.

David Ray said...

Before I begin commenting...You wrote, "in case any ankle biters from Flixster are reading this, stop now. Go play a video game or watch Hannah Montana"

Uh...may I just remind you that I'm an ankle-biter from Flixster??? It wasn't intended for me though, I'm sure. (I hate Hannah Montana, but what's wrong with video games???)

And so I begin commenting...without worrying about offending you since you told me not to! I'm really glad you're enjoying the single life. And I'm also glad you didn't let Mike's behavior get a hold of you and you put your ass on the line (literally?) and began dating again. Single life aint for me though. And I think I like Drew better than I do RPG. But it's your (interesting) life -so, it's your choice, really. I just hope you choose Drew!

(tattoos, huh? That's...NOT your typical baker!)