Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Non-date becomes a date

This past weekend I had a date. It was the first substantial vertical interaction I'd had with a guy since Mike and I broke up. Broke up... Correction -- since I found out he was cheating on me and threw his ass out. But I'm not too bitter now, just being accurate.

Until now, I was perectly content to refer to this date as a non-date, mostly because the idea of a date seemed to serious, too much to handle, and a non-date seemed simple and fun. Plus, I was bored and he was cute (he has been coming to the bakery since not long after it opened), so I said yes.

Still, I thought it best not to plan anything, it being a non-date and all.

But it went well, and I was surprised, relieved and happy to find out that I could have fun, that it came natural, that I wasn't hesitant.

He was interesting. I was interested and he seemed interested in me, and conversation came easily, flowing between the two of us in a comfortable way. We talked, asking each other all the normal questions, and we both laughed easily.

I saw a lot of qualitites in Drew that I like.

So we're hanging out tomorrow.

While I may not be ready for anything major yet, it's comforting that I can date. Especially since I'm not one to dwell on negative and unfortunate things in my life. And since I quickly came to terms with the fact that Mike and I are 100% over, since he's done this before, and he knew the score before.

I guess I'll become more active in seeking out more dates, or at least letting my friends set me up :)

Eventually I'll actually find the ever elusive ideal: a guy who appreciates me and all I have to offer, and who I can appreciate in the same way, and who won't run away from something real.

That's the aim.

Now I have to run. Didn;t really even have time to write this blog but I wanted to.

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