Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dating -- It's a Smorgasbord...and my Tummy Hurts!

Haha, nah, my tummy is fine. But this the first time I've had to myself since Friday morning. But this has probably been the best Friday to Sunday (or weekend, der) that I've had in a long time.

Friday I took the menchkins to work with me for a while, and then took them to Jenn's. It's a bit worrisome that Chaz is seeming not to like going over to his Mom's and would rather stay with me, but I'm breaking him of that, or trying. It's bugging Jenn too, and she's thinking she should spend more time with them, this weekends at Mommy's. But anway...

I worked all day and I met Cesar at the momies. This is the guy that my friend Janelle was wanting to set me up with. I got there a little early and he was waiting out front and I was kind of annoyed because his friend Elena was with him. I mean, I wasn't sure what she was doing there, but it seemed a lttle frickin' middle school to me. This was meant to be a group hang. But whatever. She was really kind of annoying, stereotypical big-breasted, fat-assed fag hag, but she did leave after the movie.

Movie was good, Eagle Eye, but I missed part of it because Cesar decided to get frisky, haha. All I'm gonna say is we were in the back, and it's not been out that long, there were a lot of people in the theatre, and I know some of them knew what was going down. Boy's got some oral skills, and I don't mean singing....heheh ;)

After the movie, both of us were hungry so we got McDonald's which I never go, but it was so good. And Cesar had an appetite, which was nice, a fag who actually eats, haha, but ya. And he's fuckin cute too. He's half Cuban and half Puerto Rican which my friend tiold me means that he'd have a big dick, haha (shoult out to Danny, haha), And has also has a smackable, squeezable kneadable bubble butt, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We ended up going back to the house and we sat outback a while talking and kissing and messing around before we made it to the bedroom and crashed a few hours later. Ya, fuuuun., mmmhmm. Janelle gets several points on the awesomely awesome friend score board. Very nice.... ;)

Saturday morning we had brekafast and Cesar left. On the way to work I saw a sign for a community yard sake so I stopped. It's in this cute subdivision of townhouses near the bakery. Well, anyways, I was going around, looking for nothing in particular, maybe something like a toy for the kids and I came up to this cute couple standing by a card table selling odds and enda. Actually, they were both hot, probably mid to late 20s.

They were chatty and talkative and tried to intrest me in a hot air balloon ride for one that they had won somewhere and never used. We all laughed about what anyone would want to go on a hot air balloon by themselves, wtf, right? Thye were trying to get me to buy something, asking me what I was looking for. I told them I was really not looking for much, but I collected shot glasses, and was looking for devilled egg dishes for my Mom (she collects them too)

The girl says she's got one she'll never use, asks me if I want to come in and look at it. So we all go in and it was really funny because they were standing together in their kitchen all couply and cute and fuckable and she starts in.

"Can I just ask you -- are you single?" I answered yes, and was laughing to myself, thought I had misread them, was this girl trying to ask me out??? I didn't think so. But my answer makes them both happy. It's Saturday morning, I'm slow.

They Introduce themselves, Aaron and Kelly. I'm totally amused, what do they want? Basically, they want to know if I'd be interested in either hooking up with Aaron while Kelly watched, or a threesome if I'm into that. I start laughing, can;t believe I was so slow on the uptake. It was still early. Aaron was talking about how they had been wanting to experiment with another guy but didn;t know anyone, and they were afraid to use MySpace or facebook or Craig's List.

Shit, they're both fuckin cute. Aaron is shorter than me with lifght brown short hair and what looked like a decent body from what I could tell in the tshirt and shorts. Kelly is [petite with short blonde hair. I'd be stupid to veto it outright.

And, I found out, they were both good kissers, haha. Shit, it's still now writing about it, but I hae to laugh and process. We got each other's numbers. And completely forgot about the devilled egg dish, haha, Oh well, heheh

But yaaaa, so after, after I went to see the munckins again and drop pff this cute stuffed basketbll I found. Chaz was happy to se me, but he informed me that I needed to leave, so they could go to the orchard, haha. All play-stern, and then he laughed. They love going there. I wish I could have painted his face right then and there. Jensen had just had a little drink of milk, and gave me a smile.

I worked all day and Drew showed up at night. We had another band, and that went well again, which makes me happy. I'm really trying to distinguish my business from other bakeries or restaurants in the area. Live entertainment in fun and it gets a new type of client for the bakery and attracts more business. Plus, I love being aroubnd people in that atmosphere. I love live music, and I love introducing the band. I love making sure everyone is happy and pleased and has everything (foodwise) that they need.

I think everyone enjoyed it, It'll probably sound cheesy, but it really makes me feel alive to hear live music, in a similar way that being around Chaz and Jensen makes me feel alive. It just makes me really happy.

OK, Queerbert McFuck, I'll stop being so gay.

But ya, Drew and I didn;t crash till like 1:30, then didn;t sleep till 2:30. I'm liking him a lot, but I'm still enjoying being single.

In the morning we went and got the kids and Jenn and took them to see the treehouse at the Gardens near the house. It's really nice, not a typical treehouse. They had also carved a few (HUGE) pumpkins and we let Chaz sit on them haha. They were taller than he is, haha, After than, Jenn left with the kids. After that we went and let Chaz pick out a pumpkin. Hopefully we can carve them tomorrow It was a nice day weather wise (brilliant), but we disn;t want Jensen out too long being so young, plus Jenn was gonna take them to see her parents tonight, and I'll go get them in the morning.

Drew and I stayed and we walked around out in the breeze, enjoying the day. There was some sort of walk for muscular dystrophy going on, it was really busy.

On the way home, Drew informed me that the kids didn;t scare him. I started to laugh, and I think it bothered him. I know he's getting closer to me, and he told me that the idea of being with someone with kids, or being responsible for them, etc. didn;t scare him at all. Makes me feel good for sure, but it is something I will have to file away for later. But it dioes mean something, alot, to me.

It's too fast tho. I need to process, I need to spend more time with him, be sure he means that. Figure out how I feel about him.

Till then, I'm gonna see Ivan tonight.

Till then, I'm gonna try to get some sleep, a little nap at least. Plus, I probably need to make some calls. I got calls from both Ivan and Cesar (and Drew) this weekend while I was out with other guys. But it's not like any of them don;t know the deal. I'm single, but I can't deal with anything majorly serious at the moment.

So why not get laid on the meantime? ;)

Mmm, I may got outside for a bit. Such great weather. I LOVE it!

We saw Eagle Eye, good movie


David Ray said...

Took me a while to read this particular entry…and my little brain didn’t contain much of it…but you know me –I’ll comment anyway!

Hm…Cesar…when you say that you’ve been enjoying single life, you REALLY mean it! And “Kelly”? I’m starting to question your gayness! Choose Drew already! (yeah, I’m still rooting for him!)

You sure “Eagle Eye” is worth 4 stars? I’m sure there were moments during that movie you missed completely, thanks to Cesar’s singing skills…

“OK, Queerbert McFuck, I'll stop being so gay.” Hahaha! So funny! But I fully understand what you mean about music and your kids there, so no apologies about driving over the gay edge…

chuck said...

OH Bri... haha your def a unique guy! I love u for it. I always talk about u. u never did give me some days to come visit with u.. but now i know your ass is busy.. shuffling all these boys around.. haha i was exhausted just reading about it! ill give u some days i got off in Nov. maybe i can stop by for a day or two.. mwah


PS i have a bf now ;-)