Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baracking the Vote!

Real fast!

I voted today! It was insane, almost 2 hours in line.

And when I was in line I heard people talking about Sigourney Weaver. Turns out she was at my polling place! Championing Obama. I was going to go shake her hand, but she left before I got out of line. Really tall tho, and dresed well., I saw her from my place in line. I don't know why she was there especially, but some people were saying she lives in Pennsylvania. That I don't know.

Anyways tho, you should all vote. Don't be a douchebag and not vote! No excuses bitches, go vote!

Barack the vote, people! (even tho I voted for Hillary in the primaries, I'm optimistic about Obama)

*crosses fingers and waits*

I love you all.


1 comment:

David Ray said...

You're a lucky guy! In line for only 2 hours! We waited for...4 or so! Godamn people in front of me!

But who cares really?