Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Come try my World Famous Hot Weiner!

My brother called today...

He works for Radio Shack.

He was visiting a store in pimplesquat podunk Pennsylvania (the kind devoid of chain restaurants, full of the family style establishments that make me uneasy). He said there were signs everywhere inviting people to try this town's World Famous Hot Weiners!

He said next time he goes there he's going to convince the manger of the store that they need to try the weiners.

Said he thought I'd think that it was funny

I did! I heart my brother for bringing the funny!


So I thought I'd say HEY HEY to the five ir 12 people that read my blog before the craziness of Thanksgiving totally overtakes me. Not that it already hasn't....

We've been so BUSY! Which is good for business (yay!) but bad for my sanity (heehee!!) If it weren't for the wonders of Visine I'd be rocking the straight up crackhead look without all the fun-fun drugs. Sleep is a distant, happy memory. Between work and the munchkins I have very little time for any 40 winks. I need to book some serious pillow time this weekend.

Oh, and to stave off insomnia-induced delerium further, I am declaring the bakery a Christmas music-free zone! That's right, folks! No magical sleigh rides or Santa coming down the chimney, not at work anyway.

I've always hated Christmas music. When doing frantic, ill-advised last minute mall shopping, Christmas music makes me want to gauge my eyes with a corkscrew. Yuletide cheer is musical form can suck my world famous hot weiner.

Seriously, I think some of my employees think I've gone to the fruitloops. I'm prone to spontaneous fits of dancing to wake myself up and get me in a good mood. Good thing I'm a good dancer ;)

Mmmm...I'm rambling...


It's gonna be smallish.

My sister is coming... Eh. Neither of my brothers are coming. Sucks. Mom's coming with her man. I'll have different friends stopping by throughout the day.

Most of the cooking is already done. The house smells awesome. If I could some how bottle it and spray it all over my blog so you could all smell it I would. Imagine as best as you can...

I may have new guy news for the next blog... I am choosing to remain mum for now, but we shall see :)


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The Rambler said...

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Oh man, I wished I could have smelt the goodness coming from your side!