Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's Happenin' Now

No, this blog isn;t about the TV show from the '70s and '80s, although I do love me some Rerun, with his fatness and his beret, you know he was stylin ;)

No, this is an update of what's gone on over Thanksgiving and since then. Since I've gotten a lot of feedback from flixster kids saying they're reading (where are the comments, bitches? ;) )

But anyway...Wednesdaay night with my brother in law's step sister and her oh-so-must-be dykalicious oily-haired friend was pretty nice actually. They were painfully shy at first. but warmed up and actually spoke.

Thursday was the mess tho.

My sister had evidently stayed up Wednesday night and got drunk and she ended up showing up at my bro's apartment noticably hung over/drunk.

Other than that tho the day was pretty good. Got to see my sister in law's family and meet her brother's new gf who's hilariously loud and opinionated, like I can be sometimes, but not as loud, heheh.

But anyway, Friday, I called my brothwer in law and had a long talk with him and we organized an intervention, which is happening today. More like I gave him the balls to call my parents and get it going.

So, that will be my next the intervention gies...and I hope it goes well, because i know my brother in law is fed up and will divorce her if shit doesn;t change soon.

Yesterday was Pop N' Fresh's bday (my Dad) so we all went to see a movie (Hotman, eh). Later, Dave (my BIL) told me my sis got trashed again Friday night and fell face flat into a glass table. I don;t know how she managed to not fuck up her face

I love the Holidays!

More later.

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