Friday, November 30, 2007

Mommie Dearest

OK, the title is totally uncalled for...but this is my blog...

I don;t see my mother all that often. I don't call her on the phone all the time either.

That's something she gives me a lot of crap for... Mostly because my sister seems to call her 43 times a day and my brother makes a point to call her once a day. OK, so my siblings make me look bad, at least in that respect.

I guess I don't talk to her that often because, of all her children, I live the closest to her and I feel I can see her whenever I want and don't need to be all up in her ass. Makes sense, right?

Well, I hadn;t seen her since TG, so today she calls me and wants to go shopping. I mean, I like to shop, so, fuck ya, I'll go. Plus, I needed to get a gift for a friend's birthday.

So like, blah, fast forward, I decided on a gift card as the biggest part of the gift, a Visa gift card so she can buy whatever she wants. I thought about some other more personal shit, but I didn;t want to take a chance on getting her something she didn;t like. And I know she likes free money ;)

But my mom (who, for the last few years, has gift-bombed us at birthdays and Christmas, etc., with lavish gifts), bitched at me because she thought I was paying too much money. She said, "You don;t even spend that much on your brother and sister!", all like a moose and shit.

The amount I spent isn't important (it wasn't THAT much), but the reason I don't spend much on my sibs is because they don;t spend much on me (except my half bro, we aspend a lot on each other) and a big reason for that is because my Mom tries to impose a price cap on gifts that is low.

So she just makes this huge scene in the store, being all loud and annoying, and she thinks nothing of it. She's so strange sometimes. Anyway, it embarassed me.

Egghh, I dunno, I'm over it.

Sorry for the boring blog, haha (for the handful that read it, haha)


Anomaly said...

I can't stand my mother, lol.

Glen said...

Love her just the way she is, but don't rent her space in your head. She's allowed her opinions and to share them. It sounds like you are wise enough to let her do that, and then go ahead and live your own life and make your own choices. Thumbs up!! -Glen