Monday, November 19, 2007

Sir Slacksalot

So, I'm still trying to figure out this whole blogspot thing...and by "figure out" I mean I'm hoping one day I'll sign on and it'll look really cool, as if by Magic, because...effort is for losers...and AIM radio is playing Enya and making me really (marsh)mellow and sleepy,

Actually, I kind of hate Enya...but then, if I don;t change the station, I'll start to like it. Enya is like a drug. You know it's bad, but it feels so good. Enya is my Vodka. Vodka in song. Is Enya one person? I don't even know.

Thank god, the song changed...old school Nelly Furtado.

Days totally run they always do. Thanksgiving is in three days and I have a lot of cakes to make by then. Actually, really only two days...Thanksgiving starts Wednesday for me. My brother in law's ever-increasing parade of relatives has sent the latest contingent in the form of his step sister and her friend. Oh, the joy, to sit thru ANOTHER family dinner with my sister. Desperately trying to keep the peace, but wanting to rip her a new asshole. But that's a different blog.

Maybe the step sister will prove amusing...but it's doubtful

Thursday we will all go up to my brother's apartment for TG dinner. I think there will be 14 of us now. The count keeps going up. This is the part I will enjoy. I haven;t seen my sister in law's family in a long time now. Christy's dad reminds me of a butch Dom Deluise. Think about it. It's kind of funny ;)

Must go, more later

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