Sunday, March 29, 2009


Coming tonight

I am doing this because it will force me to write one.

PS...what does monetize mean?

PS again....I used to have 12 blog elves.... One died... What happened?????

I'm out of the blog loop, but I am blogging tonight a real blog. So stay tuned peoples!


Danny C said...

Elf - liver eaten with fava beans and chianti.

Muppet Soul said...

I am tuned!!! Where are you??

Elves scare me.

I lost one ( I think) the other day, and I couldn't figure out which one it was..

I can only assume that my ladylike nature got the best of them. But when I saw that depleted number, I felt like someone who passed gas at a dinner party.

We were the best, most loyal apostles anyway, you know.

The Rambler said...

Where you been??


We missed you around here!

Kalei said...

I think the twelth was "Lady". I don't know what happened to her. We were wondering where she went. She is missing from my follows and my sisters also. I hope she is okay.