Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Temptation Island

Blogger kids, I need to vent.

In the last week and a half 8 of my exes and/or my past sexual partners and/or fuckbuddies have run into me (6) or called me (2) and half of them have hit on me and/or thrown themselves at me and the other half looked hot as fiznuck.

I'm saying...I'm a good boy, I'm the poster child for fidelity, but I also feel like I'm walking around with a friggin' permaboner. And aside from that, ever since Cesar moved in I feel like a 14-year-old. Cesar actually requested a rest tonight haha, he's so sore.

Oh my god, this is not what I'd normally blog about...

Basically, I'm always horny, I don't do well at all if I have to go much time without sex, but lately it's worse than normal. And all the ghosts from my sexual past are not helping!

This blog really has no point...I just needed to write a blog. I hope the soccer Moms are not offended. After all, sex happens :)


Muppet Soul said...


I am GLEEFUL tha you are posting, and that if I took a shot for everytime you wrote sex I'd be drunk right now.


Also - is it possible, in a forensic file sort of way, that the lovely boyfriend is slipping you viagra against your will? their are kits to test, you know.

Not a soccer Mom


Danny C said...

Yay!!! You're not dead!

distractinglybombastic said...

LOL Muppet -- it SHOULD be a new drinking game. Although that would mean I'd have to blog more often...

Hmmm...I dunno, Lil' Bri (aka Charlie) doesn't need Viegra to always be at attention. He's generally very inquisitive haha

(drinking games AND penis innuendo, hmmm, bonus points?

distractinglybombastic said...

Yes Danny I am alive :)

Kalei said...

Definetly not a "soccer" mom, but love to play soccer. Your past is hitting on you, because you are probably ubber confident and sexy in your new relationship with Cesar. Congrats on the positive feedback! As for Cesar and you.....Congrats that your two Tweens are doing so well....too bad he wasn't there when you cleaned out that closet full of HS stuff. =)