Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter bo beaster banana fana fo FEASTER!


I honestly don't think I'm exxagerating when I say that I could feed all of North America with the Easter feast that has been prepared today. It's INSANE!

Must go and be a good daddy/host but wanted to wish all blogolites a Happy Easter!

Easter blog forthcoming!


-DB (Bri)


Danny C said...

Mail me an egg! LOL

Have a great one!

Kalei said...

Happy Easter.....Although I didn't even remember the no meat, eat fish after sundown deal.....I am a horrible Catholic....

Muppet Soul said...

Happy Easter!

Now where's my blog?

Kalei said...

Oh Bombastic Where art thou?! I miss you! Happy Easter has turned into 'soon to be' 4th of July!