Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010!!!!

This snow is friggin' crazy!

Like, seriously.


We lost power for 2 and a half hours today -- tons of fun!

And I have heartburn from wicked cumin bean salad.

But ya, the snow, I can't even keep track of how much we've had this year. The heat actually freakin' went off because the vents got covered up by snow and that has NEVER happened!

Son of a nugget!

Oh my God, this blog is so stupid.

I'll do better next time

Love you, ----Me


Kalei said...

Glad to see you back.

This snow is a Mother f-ing Biatch! =)


I have been shoveling at least an hour per day since THAT Friday. I still think its pretty, but MAN my arms are tired.

Kalei said...

and on the note of this m-fing biatch of a snow that we are on storm system number 4 with an extra 6 inches today! crazy snow clouds. I couldn't make it to the storm for fear of a crash. =)

Kalei said...

make it to the STORE (spelling errors) =)

Chuck Pankey said...

BRIAN.... We NEED to catch up! I have a new phone# 248-854-1626 I havent talked to you in a couple years.. geeze