Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of things to say

I've been wanting to write a blog for a long time and I haven't been able to get around to it....story of my life, I know. But I'm making time now, and this may be a longish blog so get comfy with your favorite beverage and settle in and start reading...

First of all, I want to tell blogland about this Sunday...like the *perfect* day for me and Cesar.

It was crazy shitty weather but the kind you don't mind basically all Saturday night. Lightning and rain...and by the morning it was thundering up a storm and raining, and although it should have been light out it was so dark that it might as well have been nighttime. Since I didn't have to worry about the bakery and I didn't have the munchkins, Cesar and I slept in like world class champs. Thankfully, no one called on the phone and, although we did eventually wake up enough for a little afternoon delight and lazy conversation, we didn't really get up till 4 PM. After a shower, we realized we were starving (ate an early dinner Saturday and nothing after so hadn't eaten in maybe 22 hours) so we made grilled cheese and lazed on the couch watching old movies.

We did absolutely nothing all day and it was a great day. I love days when you don;t have any responsibilities and the munchkin-sized responsibilities you do have happen to be being taken care of by their Mom. :)


Speaking of Cesar, this might sound funny, but something happened that I guess is bad, but it actually made me feel good. I've talked about this before in other blog posts...that Cesar's fam is sooo accepting of me and is really cool. Well....I found the exception to the rule.

This was a week ago I guess we went a get together for Cesar's fam, it was a combined summer thing/his cousin's anniversary/and uncle's birthday deal. ANYWAYS....... I "met" one of Cesar's aunts, and the quotes are especially appropriate because she never introduced herslf, she just walked up to me and started verbally spewing at me. I only found out later she was his aunt.

I was getting some food and walks up to me and the jist of what she said was... if Cesar HAS to be a faggot, he alteast shouldn't be with a guy who's white, and doesn't belong. She told me several different ways that I didn't belong.

Cesar made a beeline for us and he wasn't yelling but he was speaking emphatically in Spanish and it was obvious he wasn;t happy and he wasn't being kind to her. She was puttering and (I could tell) being hateful and I was standing there *shocked*, somewhat amused, and wishing I could speak Spanish a hell of a lot better than I can)

Well then Cesar's Mom got involed (in English -- and I think she did this specifically so I'd know what she said) and ripped this bitch a new one. Let';s just say, Cesar's Mom didn;t leave anything to the imagination about how she felt about this woman (who is an in-law, some way or another). She defended both Cesar and me, which made me feel good on a couple levels. Good that she's not the kind of woamn that tolerates shit like that, and good that she thinks enough of me to be insulted, and defend me. And also that she defended Cesar. Because I was pretty pissed and definitely had some choice words for the aunt, but I'm not gonna potentially embarass any number of people by having a verbal throwdown at a family gathering.

But, end of story, the aunt left in a huff, and Cesar and his Mom (and others too) apologized for the way she had acted. I mean, no one likes to hear the kind of things she said, and I'm sure if I knew word for word what she said in Spanish I'd have even less happy, but I was happy in a way because now I know of atleast one whackjob in his family, and that makes them seem more normal to me, it makes their acceptable, which was so overwhelming to me for a while (and still is sometimes) seem okay to me since I know not everyone feels that way.

Was that a massive run-on? Oh well


I've beem playing around with formulating a good recipe for sweet and sour ham for the restaurant. I think I'be got a good recipe, but I tend to like it hot and I put a good amount of tobasco in it. I wish I could get samples to everyone in blogland for input. I'm going to have friends over to try it once I perfect it.


More later! Bye bye blogland!



Danny C said...

Wow, what a crazy. Every hispanic family has a short tempered-one, but this one took the cake. Don't know what her xenophobic problem is, but I'm glad the rest of the family defended you guys. It really could have gotten messier.

Must blog soon!! I have my own drama to spew forth, as well as some knitting adventure. Oh, and if you've tried calling, my phone is off :(


Kalei said...

I love Cesar's Mom! The best part of this whole story is that though imperfect his family showed that they will do the right thing by you. In light of the horror of dealing with someones Discriminations you got physical tangible proof that you are part of Cesar's Family.

Kalei said...

and by imperfect, I meant that it is good to not hold people to high on a pedestal, but to realize we all have faults and imperfections.

sorry for the intolerance of others.

chuck said...

hey i have a new # 248-854-1626 and i no longer have aim or yahoo.. my email is chuckpankey@gmail.com or you can add me on facebook.. i have a lot to tell you. I have a partner and bought a house... yeah you missed alot!

Kalei said...

I keep saying, I know he will be back to say hello...I just know it. Hope all is well! Just stopping by to say hello! =)

Troy said...

Mmm where have ya disappeared to... love reading of the antics on the other side of the ocean :)