Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why I Shy Away from the Vah-jayjay!....

I love lots of things anout women and about my female friends. Most times, I love the way they smell. For some reason, I love to walk into a bathroom after a woman has gotten ready in it. I love the way women can be great confidantes... I love the way I've seen some women in my life be so effortlessly maternal that it shocks me.

But I don't love women as far as realtionships go, and I don't choose to be in relationships with women. And I actually do have some experience in that department, so I can compare a heterosexual relationship to a gay one. At least, I believe I can.

To digress a bit, I don;t want to get into a blog debate about why I'm gay, or why I choose to have relationships with men, but I will admit this: It's not because I'm repulsed by a woman's genetalia, because I'm not. And again, I've seen quite a few, in the flesh.

Of course you could say that I choose relationships with men because I'm attracted to them, because I lust after them, because I feel more comfortable around them and relate to them, and you'd be right. That's the easy, no=brain answwer, and not the point of this blog.

Fundamentally, I choose relationships with men as opposed to women because, as a "species" I know how men think. Men, even gay men, are more straightforward in the way they deal with people. At least this is my experience.

Let me explain before you click the little X....

It's been my experience in general that with women (and I am pulling on experiences with, for example, my mom, sister, female friends, female rmployees, other female relatives and females relatives of my *current* and exes, etc), a man can never really know what a woman is thinking, or even if he thinks he knows he is probably wrong, and if he is, heaven forbid, a woman expects a man to be a mind reader. A mind reader and psychic, I think.

If something is wrong, I'm of a mind to think, "let's get it out in the open, let's just deal with it now so it can be over with." Let's NOT be made to play bs games like, well, you should know what the problem and if you don't lmow then I'm not going to tell you.


I'm niot saying these kinds of things never happen with me, just in my experience, much less often.

And yes, something happened in my life to prmpt this blog, specifically with my mother and sister, but I'm too pissed off at this moment to recount that.

Maybe a later blog, or better yet, next time I blog I'll be in a better mood altogether.


Troy said...

Yeah I reckon much of this comes from people not taking responsibility for their own world - which includes the communication of this world to everyone else :)

Danny C said...

I can certainly relate, I've always noticed that the relationships I have with women (meaning the ones that last longest) are those with women who are blatently honest.

Kalei said...

HA! I am the first girl with the balls to write something back. Just kidding Rambler and Muppet S....others also....=)

I agree with you that girls play games. I see them play those "I won't tell you unless you" I don't do that....often. I am a pretty practical person, who likes to think I tell it like it is. I keep things in too and realized this week when I do that, I can't control my emotional out now I am one of "those" chicks....damn! rare, very rare.

But I am a perfect confidant to the "gays". love listening and love inputting my maternal advise. (i feel like I am selling myself to "you people" =)...)

I think guys are pretty nice to look at too, so we have something in common! Chas thinks I am swell so we share another common happiness of finding "the one"

The Rambler said...

Ah sister beat me to the punch.

I think I used to be that typical female like 10 years ago.

But getting married and having a kid changes things. I don't have time for games or beating around the bush (buwahahahaha..)


distractinglybombastic said...

hahha, thanks guys for your comments. Thankfully, that was just a passing foul mood I was in and quickly passing at that ;)