Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Vacation

Hello bgloggy kids!!!

So.....I guess I haven't blogged in two months???

It seems like longer.

I've been on a blog vacation...and I enjoy my vacations. But, I'm back! Or at least I'm gonna try to be back....

Seems like I remember blogging could be fun ;) often!

*promises to blog on a regular basis*

updates soon!


The Rambler said...

DUDEEEEE....where've you been?


Tell us all what's been going on!

How's the kids? Cesar? Tell Tell Tell.

Danny C said...

omg, I thought a cake ate you or something. Send me an email or something, we totally need to catch up.

distractinglybombastic said...

It almost ate me...


Kalei said...

Holy crap-o-la, I thought you were going to make us track you down at every bakery in the USA and say...."distractingly Bombastic?" No, okay thank you....I will take a scone.